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Sport Equipment Products

Basketball (TRIPLESTAR)

Basketball Hoop & Backboard Range

Model 101

Electro Hydraulic Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 103

Elastic Balance Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 104

Electro Hydraulic Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 105

Manual-Operated Hydraulic Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 106

Intelligent Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 201

Electro Ceiling Suspended-Type Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 203

Electro-Hydraulic Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 204

Elastic Balance Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 208

Cantilever Fixed Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 221

Movable Single-arm Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 232

Fixed Single-arm Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 269

3v3 Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 310

Mini Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 313

Elite Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Model 315

Adjustable Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Basketball Shot Clock Range

Model 113

Timing, 24 second shot clock screen

Model 115

Timing, 24 second screen

Basketball Electro Divider Curtain

Model 101

Electro Divider Curtain

Basketball Ball Carrier Accessories

Model 137

Foldable Ball Carrier

Model 140

Retractable Ball Carrier

Sports Flooring

Model 304

Triple Star 3v3 Sports Flooring Range

Model 313

Triple Star 3v3 Sports Flooring Range

Volleyball (SPIKESTAR)

Indoor Volleyball Range

Model 101

Indoor straight and Inserted volleyball post

Model 102

Indoor straight and Inserted Volleyball post covers

Model 103

Ground Sockets for indoor straight and inserted posts

Model 104

High Quality Volleyball Net

Model 105

Volleyball Referee Chair

Model 106

Official Volleyball Ground Sleeves

Model 127

Official Referee Stand

Beach Volleyball Equipment Range

Model 119

Beach Volleyball Antennae

Model 301

Beach Volleyball Post

Model 302

Beach Volleyball Post Cover

Model 303

Beach Volleyball Ground Socket

Model 304

Beach Volleyball Net

Model 305

Beach Volleyball Referee Chair

Model 306

Beach Volleyball Official Court Line


Badminton Post Range

Model 101

Badminton Post

Model 102

Movable Badminton Post

Badminton Referee Chair

Model 109

Badminton Referee Chair

Football & Soccer (STRIKESTAR)

Football & Soccer Goal Posts

Model 101

Steel Football Goal

Model 103

Aluminium Football Goal

Protective Passageway Tunnel

Model 125

Football Player Protective Passage

Players Bench Seats/Booth

Model 128

Football Player’s Booth

Model 130

Football Player’s Booth

Football Accessories


Football Accessories Range

Tennis (ACESTAR)

Tennis Posts

Model 100

Movable Tennis Post

Model 101

Movable Tennis Post

Model 102

Straight-Inserted Tennis Post

Referee Chair

Model 110

Tennis Referee Chair

Athletics Range(SPORTSTAR)

Running Accessories

Model 403

Starting Block

Model 404

Starting Block

Model 102

Judges Start Station

Model 301

Lane Marker Boxes

Model 406

Starting Block Cart

Judges Stand Range

Model 201

Judges Stand

Model 202

Judges Stand

Hurdle Equipment

Model 502

Training Hurdle

Model 504

Training Hurdle

Model 503

Match-Use Hurdle

Model 509

Hurdles Wagon

Steeplechase Equipment

Model 601

Steeplechase Barrier

Model 604

Steeplechase Barrier Cart

Hammer/Discuss Cage

Model 582

Hammer and Discuss Official Safety Net/Cage

Take off Board Equipment

Model 301

Take off Board

Model 302

Take off Board Foundation

Model 303

Take off Board Cover

Pole Vault Equipment

Model 201

Pole Vault Post

Model 203

Electro Pole Vault Post

Model 244

Pole Vault Mat

High Jump Equipment

Model 101

High Jump Post (match use)

Model 102

Simple High Jump Post

Model 103

Advanced High Jump Post (match use)

Model 134

High Jump Mat

Other Starena Solutions

Stadium & Arena Seating

Starena is an International supplier of stadia and arena seating with offices in Sydney, Athens, Cairo and London as well as over 30 worldwide distributors.

We manufacture in Australia, Greece, Europe, Egypt, USA and China to International ISO standards and we work extensively with Bureau Veritas as independent auditors of our sub-contracting manufacturing partners’ quality and deliverable standards.

Retractable Seating

Retractable seating is rows of multiple tiers of closed deck chair platforms, that store away into a closed position when the area is required to be used for other purposes.

The platforms operate on the retractable principal stacking vertically under the one above, to minimise the floor area, when not in use.

Venue Seating

Starena has had success for many years within the seating solution market to Stadia and Arenas’, we are committed to the expansion of various new product ranges and we recognise the importance of Multi-Purpose Venue Seating & Furniture. We have created a package of versatile seating solutions via successful international companies, to meet all requirements.

Outdoor Furniture

Our Aluminium/Steel & Artificial Timber Range Furniture includes a range of different styles to meet the needs of different locations and purposes.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment plays a pivotal role in the well-being of the community in a variety of ways via aesthetic fitness equipment solutions. This introduction of new Outdoor Fitness Equipment marks an initial soft launch of product offerings for Starena, via successful international companies of partnership.

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