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Mini Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Triplestar Model 310 - Basketball Hoop & Backboard Range

Product Specification

The product structure consists of the base, post, tie rod, glass backboard, hoop and sheath and is most suited to an open space at a home area. It has an adjustable height of 2m, 2.3m, 2.75m and 3.05m, which accounts for notable features including small size, adjustable height and small storage area.

Product Material

The base material of the backboard a 2mm iron plate which is crafted through laser cutting blanking, forming and welding. The product remains movable with PU wheels on the base and features a removable basket.

The product’s base weight only requires 220kg to meet safety requirements. The post material is 100 * 100 * 3 square tube and the craft is made through laser cutting, a customized tooling table and welding. The tie roads material is 40 * 25 * 1.5 square tube and is crafted through laser cutting and an automatic tube bending machine.


The backboard is 1200*800*31mm in total and made up of the frame a 3mm aluminium square tube and a 6mm high-safety glass backboard. This is crafted through a manual assemble and the material is customized specifically. The glass backboard comes with a standard sheath. The backboard has been tested in accordance with national standards.

Basketball Rim

The steel material of the rim has a circumference of 17 inches and a 4mm iron plate. It is crafted through dedicated mold blanking, formed, then machine welded. The net is a white nylon rope which is semi-rigid.

Fastener/Protective Measures

All fasteners of the basket are made of stainless steel, which can ensure no rusting occurs for a long period of time. The rod is fixed with a long hole to fine-tune the backboard to ensure it remains aligned. The front pillar of the basket is equipped with a special sheath, which can effectively protect athletes from impact and ensure safety and aesthetics during use.

Surface Quality

Meets the relevant requirements of 5.10 in GB19272 – 2011.

Environmental Requirements: Ten ring certification products, and meets the requirements of 5.9.2 in GB19272 – 2011.

Surface Treatment

The crafting process involves a number of treatments which are all performed on a fully automatic spraying line. This includes shot blasting, degreasing, blow drying, water drying, static powder, solidification and strong cooling. There is washing and pure washing between each step.

The product has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, heat and humidity resistance, aging resistance, and beautiful appearance. It can be suitable for humid and acid rain environments. Coatings are all green and environmentally friendly, non-toxic products are used to ensure user health.


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