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Intelligent Basketball Backboard & Hoop

FIBA Certified

Triplestar Model 106 - Basketball Hoop & Backboard Range

Product Specification

The outrigger of the basket is 3.35m,
The upper edge of the rim is 3.05m above the ground,
The size of the base of the rack: length x width x front height x back height = 2.5 x 1.3 x 0.74 x 0.41 (m).

Product Material

The base of the basketball frame is made of a 6mm iron plate and welded on a special folding machine.

The welded surface is even and smooth, the basket head extension head is made of high-quality precision steel casting, and the performance is safe and reliable. The basket rod is made of high-quality piping.

Principle of Product Structure

This electric hydraulic basketball rack adopts an electric control system, with a basket rack lifting system, wheel retractable mechanism, wheel forward or backward, electrical appliances, hydraulic system.

The main body of the basket is lifted by a four-link mechanism. When in use, the motor can be started by connecting to a single-phase power source of 220V and 50HZ. The oil pump is driven to perform “function” conversion by the microcomputer control system.

The base wheel takes off and moves and the wheel goes forward or backward. Among them, the forward or backward movement of the basket wheel can be controlled by electric operation, and it can also ensure that the basketball rack can be easily moved by manpower without power supply.

Basketball Backboard

The backboard is equipped with internationally used high-strength safety glass backboard (13mm thick double layer laminated glass).

Specification: 1800 x 1050(mm).
which has the characteristics of high transparency, good weather resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and not easy to blur.
The underside of the backboard is covered with a protective ring. The height and thickness of the front and rear surfaces of the protective ring are > 20mm, and the thickness of the bottom surface is > 50mm.

Basketball Rim

The rim is made of 19inch solid round steel material. The rim has good bending resistance. When a static load of 105kg is placed on the top of the rim at the farthest point of the rim.

The downward rotation angle of the rim is not less than 10 degrees and not more than 30 degrees, which is effective. Solve the problems of the stability of the rim when shooting and the safety of the athlete when dunking.

Protective Measures

The front pillar, base and outrigger of the basket are equipped with special sheaths, which can effectively protect the athletes from impact.

The bottom of the basket is equipped with shock-proof pads, and the rear is equipped with a special counterweight. A single counterweight of 500kg can ensure the weight applied to the ring will not cause movement or re-location of the backboard.

Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of the sprayed workpiece is divided into two stages. The pre-treatment stage enables the workpiece is divided into two stages. The pre-treatment stage enables the workpiece to obtain a good quality medium layer, and increases the binding force of the anti-rust coating film and the metal substrate, which is a basic but essential measure in the treatment ability of the product. The product achieves a 3H+ in the pencil hardness test and therefore is resistant to humidity, heat and aging.

Climbing Function

In addition to the wheel mechanism of the base itself, in order to facilitate climbing steeper slopes, a special climbing wheel is also designed on the rear side of the base, which is easy to install during use.


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