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Foldable Ball Carrier

Triplestar - Model 137


The overall dimension of the ball carrier:
length x width x height = 900 x 720 x 720 (mm).


  • The ball carrier is mainly made by welding circular tubes which are folded through a technical tube folder. The carrier can be folded, thus to save space while in storage.
  • There are rollers installed under the legs of the carrier , which enables it to move easily.
  • Surface of all steel parts will be treated firstly by means of acid washing and then sprayed with static epoxy powder.
  • With a range of treatments , the foldable ball carrier has passed a pencil hardness test with a result of 3H+.
  • The product has resistance to acid, alkali, heat, moisture and aging, and elegant appearance, it is fit for both indoor and outdoor environments as it can stand environment with moisture and acid rain. The coating is free from any toxic material, so it will not harm users’ health.


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