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Electro-Hydraulic Basketball Hoop & Backboard

Triplestar Model 203 - Basketball Hoop & Backboard Range

Product Specification

Extension arm of the backboard is 2-4.5m in length; upper edge of the rim is 3.05m above the ground.

Product Structure and Working Principle

The basketball backboard is mainly composed of fixed arm, main extension bar, pull rod, ground sleeves and electro-hydraulic mechanism.

Hydraulic motor drives the gear to move. Structure design and unique appearance are perfectly combined together in a beautiful and elegant way.

Product Material

Fixed arm of backboard is made with 180 x 6 seamless tube; the main extension bar is made with 140 x 12 seamless tube.

Backboard is equipped with special high-tension embedded parts, welded with screw-threaded steel and 30mm-thick steel plates. Screws are protected from rust through closed structure.

Safety Measures

The backboard is installed with a safety mechanism (steel chain). Easy to operate, uses turnbuckle to adjust tightness of chain as well as backboard balance and upright structure.


  • Specification: 1800 x 1050(mm).
  • The backboard is an internationally used high-tension safety glass (13mm-thick and double-laminated).
  • High transparency, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, not easily blurred.
  • Guard ring around the bottom edge of the board for player protection.

Basket ring

Features excellent flexing resistance. When static load is applied on the top of ring and over 105kg, the basket can turn downward up to 30 degrees.
The feature guarantees stability of the basketball ring.


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