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Electro Hydraulic Basketball Backstop & Hoop

FIBA Certified

Triplestar Model 104 - Basketball Hoop & Backstop Range

Product Specification

Extension arm of the backstop is 2.55m in length.
Upper edge of the rim is 3.05m above the ground.
The dimension of the base: length x width x front x height= 1.95 x 1.1 x 0.675 x 0.4 (m).

This product is in accordance with technical requirements of International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and is suitable for a court 37.4m in circumference.

Product Material

Base of the backstop is made by 6mm-thick iron plates. Supports for the front post of the base is made with 12# channel steel. Supports for the rear post and oil cylinder are made with 14# and 20# channel steel respectively.

In this basketball backstop, reasonable structural design and unique appearance are perfectly combined together.

Principle of Product Structure

Electro-hydraulic basketball backstop is installed with backstop lifting system, travelling wheel retractable mechanism, electrical system and hydraulic system

Use power adapter through electrical currency to gain power and start motor. The motor will drive oil pump, which initiates function of the post to drive up and down.


Specification: 1800 x 1050(mm).
Internationally used high- tension safety glass (13mm-thick double-laminated glass).
High transparency, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, not easily blurred, etc.
Lower edge of backboard covered with wrapper for player protection.

Protective Measures

Front post, base and extension arm of the basketball backstop are all equipped with protective padding to protect players from impact.

Anti-vibration pads at bottom of the base, bob weights no less than 400kg (for each one) installed on tail of the base.


Client approved logo’s can be applied to backstop padding.

Surface Treatment

Steel parts treated with acid washing and then sprayed with static epoxy powder. Has passed a pencil hardness test with result of 3H+, and is free of toxic material on all coatings.


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