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Electro Divider Curtain

Triplestar - Model 101

Product Specification

The model 101 Electro Divider Curtain is a venue separation device developed accordingly to the actual needs of the customer, and referring to similar foreign products. Simple structure, convenient operation, safety and reliability, low noise.
Scope of application: large gyms, training halls, multi-purpose venues etc.


The main structure of the electric isolation net consists of reduction gear motor, a bearing Seat, a transmission spindle, a transition shaft, a weight pipe, a braided belt, a rope net and leather.

Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of the sprayed workpiece is divided into two stages. The pre-treatment stage enables the workpiece to obtain a good quality medium layer, and increases the binding force of the anti-rust coating film and the metal substrate, which is an essential basic measure to improve the surface treatment ability of the product. The surface treatment stage is a process in which the powder is uniformly coated on the object to be coated by high-voltage electrostatic effect.

When the coating reaches a certain thickness, it is heated in an oven, and the coating melts and solidifies to form a coating with uniform thickness and firm texture. All the equipment of our products are operated on a fully automatic spraying line which include after shot blasting, degreasing, washing, drying, electrostatic powder-curing and other processes.

Product coating thickness is 70-80um and pencil hardness reaches 3H+. The product has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, heat and humidity resistance, aging resistance, beautiful appearance, etc. It can be suitable for humid and acid rain environment, and the pre-treatment process and product coating formula do not contain toxic elements, to avoid harming the user’s health.


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