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Electro Ceiling Suspended Type Basketball Hoop & Backboard

FIBA Certified

Triplestar Model 201 - Basketball Hoop & Backboard Range

Product Material and Technical Specifications

The electro ceiling suspended-type basketball backboard is mainly composed of reducing motor, driving system, main support, safety belt, backboard and basketball ring.

While in use, the upper edge of the basketball ring is 3.05m above the ground. Voltage of reducing motor is 220V, I = 40:1, motor power is 1.5KW, reducer motor is 0.75 KW. Stay pipe is welded with square tube.


Specification: 1800 x 1050 (mm). The backboard is made with internationally used high-tension safety glass (13mm-thick and double-laminated).

Features include high-transparency, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, not easily blurred, etc. The lower edge of backboard is covered with a guard ring at the side.

Basketball Ring

The basketball ring is featured by excellent flexing resistance. When the static load applied on top of the ring is on the edge and more than 105kg, the ring will turn downwards up to 30 degrees.

Surface Treatment

Surface of all steel parts are treated firstly by means of acid washing and then sprayed with static epoxy powder as surface finish.
With all these treatments, it has passed a pencil hardness test with a result of 3H+ and is free of toxic coating for health safety reasons.

Requirements on Basketball Net Post

The deadweight of basketball backboard is about 60kg, impact force is 250kg.
The diameter of steel tube of net posts shall be above ¢76.


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