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Elastic Balance Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Triplestar - Model 103

Elastic Balance Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Product Specification

  • Extension arm of the basketball backboard is 3.35m in length.
  • Upper edge of the rim is 3.05m above the ground.
  • Dimension of the base: length x width = 2.4 x 1.3 (m).

This product is in accordance with technical requirements of International Basketball Federation (FIBA), and has become the first product certified by FIBA. 

Product Material

  • Base of the backboard is made by 6mm-thick iron plates.
  • Supports for front post of base are made with 12#channel steel.
  • Supports for rear posts are made with 14#channel steel.
  • Reasonable structural design and unique appearance combines perfectly together.

Principle of Product Structure

  • Backboard is composed of elastic balance mechanism, travelling heel retractable mechanism, safety glass backboard, post, cross arm, base and protective case etc.
  • Four-link mechanism adopted for lifting main body.
  • Backboard can be raised easily (Springs up when fastening pin removed).


  • Specification: 1800 x 1050(mm).
  • High tension safety glass (13mm-thick double-laminated).
  • High transparency, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, not easily blurred etc.
  • Protective guard ring covering lower edge of backboard.


  • ’Jin Million’ (famous used screw internationally) screws used for all fasteners on the backboard.
  • Galvanized surfaces to guarantee protection from rust.

Protective Measures

  • Front post, base and arm extension are all equipped with protective padding for protection of players.
  • Anti-vibration pad installed at bottom of base, bob weights 500kg each installed on tail of base.


Client approved logo’s can be applied to backboard padding.

Surface Treatment

  • Steel parts treated with acid washing and then sprayed with static epoxy powder.
  • Has passed a pencil hardness test with result of 3H+.
  • Free of toxic material on all coatings


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