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Cantilever Fixed Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Triplestar - Model 208

Product Structure and Material Specification

Extension arm of the backboard is within 2.25m (custom-tailored), the upper edge of the ring is 3.05m above the ground. The extension arm of the backboard is welded with iron plates which are folded in a technical folding machine.

The upper pull rod of the backboard is made with circular tube and it can be used to adjust uprightness of the backboard. Lower pull rod is made with high- quality square tube and is fastened to the wall with chemical bolts.


Specification: 1800 x 1050 x 30(mm). The backboard is the internationally used high-tension safety glass backboard, which features high transparency, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, not easily blurred, etc.
Lower edge of the backboard is covered with a guard ring for player protection.

Basketball Ring

The basketball ring is made with solid circular steel (inside diameter: 450mm).
The lower edge of the basketball ring is welded with 4mm round steel, which is made into 12 small rings in even spacing to hang the basketball net.

Surface Treatment

Surface of main extension bar is chromium-plated, featured by strong corrosion resistance. Surface of all other steel parts are treated by acid washing and sprayed with static epoxy powder.

With all treatments, it has passed a pencil hardness test with a result of 3H+. The coatings used are free of toxic material, so it will not harm any users’ safety and health.

Requirements on the wall

In order to install the backboard, you can bury the custom-tailored ground sleeves in the wall, or connect the base plate of the extension arm to the wall with expansion bolts.

Specific requirements; the wall shall be reinforced concrete structure; the wall shall be able not only to support the deadweight of the backboard (~150kg), but also support the impact force of dunk shot (~250kg).


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