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Adjustable Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Triplestar Model 315 - Basketball Hoop & Backboard Range

Product Description

Easily transportable full size tower with 2400mm reach. Made to be set directly into concrete for permanent installation at schools, clubs or council facilities.



  • Specification: 1800 x 1050 x 30(mm).
  • The backboard is the internationally used high-tension safety glass backboard, which features high transparency, excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, not easily blurred, etc.
  • Lower edge of the backboard is covered with a guard ring for player protection.

Principle of Product Structure

Special iron ground sleeves are adopted in this product. The ground sleeves shall be embedded advance prior to installation of the backboard. The whole installation can only be started after the maintenance period.

Flanges are used to connect the backboard and ground sleeves. The flange is precision casted with big round angle around it. Its specification is 350 x 350mm.

Basket Ring

The ring is made with 17 solid circular steel. Bottom of the ring is welded with 12 impact-molded circular arc net hooks, which are distributed evenly along the ring in certain clearance and used to hang the basketball net. The ring has good flexible resistance, fastened onto the backboard horizontally.


All fasteners used for the basketball backboard are ‘Jin Millon’ Screws, an international famous brand, the surface of which are galvanized to guarantee no rust all year round.

Surface Treatment

Surface of all steel parts are treated by means of acid washing and sprayed with pure polyester powder as surface finish. With all of these treatments, it has passed a pencil hardness test with a result of 3H+.

The coating is free from any toxic material, so it will not harm the users’ health.


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