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3v3 Basketball Backboard & Hoop

Triplestar Model 269 - Basketball Hoop & Backboard Range

Backboard Unit

  • 1 backboard
  • 1 basket ring with a mounting plate
  • 1 basket net
  • 1 basket support structure
  • Paddings
  • Shot-Clock Integrated in the paddings


  • Has a protective framework of the backboard support structure around the outer edge.
  • Backboards shall measure 1,800mm (+ a maximum of 30mm) horizontally and 1,050mm (+ a maximum of 20mm) vertically.
  • Outside dimension: 590mm (+ a maximum of 200mm) horizontally and 450 mm (+ a maximum of 8mm) vertically.
  • The top edge of the base of the rectangle shall be level with the top of the ring and 150mm (-2mm) above the bottom edge of the backboard.
  • Tested backboard safety glass, with a 50% rebound height.

Basket Rim

  • The ring shall be made of solid stainless steel and shall: Have an inside diameter of a minimum of 450mm and a maximum of 459mm.
  • Have its metal a minimum of 16mm and a maximum of 20mm in diameter.
  • The net shall be attached to each ring in 12 places. The fitting for the attachment shall: Not have any sharp edges or gaps, and will have smaller than 8mm to prevent fingers from entering.

Basket Net

  • Net is suspended rom the rim, and shall be made of a white waterproof cord.
  • It shall be no less 400mm and no more than 450mm in length. Manufactured with 12 loops to attach it to the ring.
  • The upper section of the net shall be semi-rigid to prevent: The net from rebounding up through or over the ring, creating possible entanglement. The ball from becoming trapped in the net or rebounding back out of the net.


  • The padding is 20 to 27mm thick from the front , back and side surface of the backboard. The padding shall be 48 to 55mm thick from the bottom edge of the backboard.
  • It will cover the bottom surface of the backboard and the side surface to a distance of 350 to 450mm from the bottom. The front and back surface must be covered to a minimum distance of 20 to 25mm from the bottom of the backboard.

Shot Clock

  • The shot clock shall have a separate control unit provided for the shot clock operator, with a very loud automatic signal to indicate the end of the shot clock period when the display shows zero (0).
  • A display unit with a digital countdown, indicating the time in seconds only.
  • Started from 12 seconds.
  • Stopped with display indicating time remaining.
  • Restarted from the time in which it was stopped.
  • Manually set to any number from 1-12.
  • Showing no display if necessary.
  • Starting, stopping and resuming countdown from 99 seconds for side-competitions.
  • The shot clock is waterproof, proven to withstand against impact from basketballs etc. It will also have the number in red, with a font size of around 200mm+.


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