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Basketball 24 second shot clock

Triplestar - Model 113

About the Model 113 Shot Clock

This 24-second timing indicator is designed according to the latest rules for international basketball game. The light source for display screen of the timer adopts imported high-luminance LED, which is featured by long service time and energy-saving.

Two display screens share one clock source, which can remain in synchronism with big screen and TV rebroadcast. The timer is easy to maintain, and will be the perfect choice for basketball game.

Main Functions

  • Used to display playing time. The timing clock can be used to set any random count-down within a scale of 0-99 minutes and 59 seconds, and can pause at any second.
  • The timing clock can be accurate to 0.1 second. When the time runs out, the timer will send red light signal and sound buzzing for three seconds.
  • The 24 second timer can also be used to set any random count-down within a scale of 0-99 seconds for 24 second violations, which can pause, reset at any time. When the timing is done, the timer will send light signal and sound buzzing.
  • When playing time is paused, 24 second timing will also stop automatically; when the game continues, the 24 second indicator shall be manually started. The playing time continues if a 24 second violation goes off.
  • The 24 second timing indicator has two serial ports, which enable the playing time and 24 second timing to remain synchronism with the TV broadcast.

Technical Indicators

  • Dimension of the display screen: 77 x 57 x 10cm.
  • Voltage: 220V ±10%.
  • Power: 150W.
  • It must be safely grounded. Luminous discharge tube: Φ 5mm high luminance white with slight red, and white with slight green.


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