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Basketball Equipment

Starena Sports Equipment stocks a variety of different basketball hoops and backboards to suit school gyms, sports complex or community centres. To decide what kind of hoop and backboard you require a few factors need to be considered, such as where the hoop will be located - indoors or outdoors, the size of the gym, the age of those most likely to use the hoop, and any practical factors such as how easy it is to move. We also stock clocks, divider curtains, ball carriers and other basketball accessories you may require.

Volleyball Equipment

We supply both indoor and outdoor volleyball equipment, including socketed and freestanding volleyball posts, volleyball nets, volleyball post covers and beach volleyball equipment. Our volleyball badminton posts are a great choice for schools, leisure centres and clubs.

Badminton Equipment

We have a range of badminton posts that are guaranteed to add a semi-permanent touch of class to any playing surface. All our badminton posts are made from hard wearing steel to ensure they last for years. These badminton posts are powder coated in an eye catching blue, making them a stylish addition to your badminton court.

Football & Soccer Equipment

We have steel and aluminium football and soccer goals, player's booth seating, protective passageways and other accessories - including corner flags, touch line referee flags and electronic substitution boards.

Tennis Equipment

Whether you need movable tennis weighted posts an indoor court or permanent socketed posts for a grass court, we have an option to suit you.

Athletics Track & Field Equipment

We offer a wide selection of track and field equipment including products for sprinting and running, hurdles, steeple chase, hammer and discuss and pole vault.

Company Introduction

Starena, as a foremost supplier of seating solutions to Stadia and Arenas, has taken a decision to enter various new segments of the market place. Starena Sports Equipment is one of these new product ranges. Sporting Equipment plays a pivotal role in the well-being of all types of communities in a variety of ways.

The benefits of choosing Starena Sports Equipment includes gaining a wide range of product options to choose from, with proven success from companies in which we have formed distribution agreements with. This marks our initial launch of product offerings for Starena.

About Starena

The Starena Group is an International company with offices in Sydney, Cairo, Athens, London and 30+ distributors worldwide. These all offer the broadest range of stadium, venue, auditorium, house of worship, theatre and cinema seating.

The range of seating solution is one of the broadest in the industry today and available from one source. All are designed and updated to provide maximum versatility, functionality and durability, as well as to ensure patrons comfort and safety. Starena, as a manufacturer in its own right also has strategic working relationships with a number of other key suppliers.

We understand that product design, client relationships and project management with local knowledge and support international standards are paramount to sitting people together in stadiums and venues worldwide.

Starena's Five C's of Business

  • Care

  • Communication

  • Collaboration

  • Certainty

  • Commitment

Our Products

Starena in conjunction with internationally recognised Sports Equipment Suppliers are building a diverse package of sports equipment, products and systems. This is our initial launch of sports equipment, more products are to follow!

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